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ToR – Recruitment of Consultant – open to Stockholm Residents Preferably.

i. Background

RCN Justice & Democracy (RCN J & D) is a Belgian non-governmental organization that was created in 1994. Its vision is that every human being has the right to justice as a vector for sustainable development and peace. Its mission is to promote and support grassroots justice and transitional justice, as well as democratic practices in societies and states in transition or developing. In Rwanda, since 1994, RCN J & D has provided the Rwandan State, local justice actors and civil society with support for the reconstruction of the rule of law and the justice sector.

Thanks to funding from the Kingdom of Belgium through the Directorate General for Development Cooperation (DGD), RCN Justice & Democracy is implementing in Rwanda, the "Justice and Memory" project, which aims to “facilitate understanding and participation, by Rwandan populations, in the trials of crimes under international law, committed in Rwanda during the genocide of the Tutsi and taking place on the basis of universal jurisdiction, and to promote the integration of the contributions of these proceedings in the memory of the genocide in the country”.

Alongside the judicial work done in Rwanda with classic courts and Gacaca jurisdictions, as well as the work done by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), the prosecution of suspects in third States continues on the basis of the principle of universal jurisdiction. Justice is accepted as a cornerstone in the fight against the culture of impunity, the prevention of mass crimes and the restoration of social cohesion.

The ongoing proceedings based on the principle of universal jurisdiction suffer from a double geographical and temporal distance : they often take place thousands of kilometers from Rwanda and intervene more than 20 years after the 1994 genocide. The lack of information, especially for impacted populations in Rwanda, is a major challenge.

In the absence of sufficient information, these proceedings could escape Rwandan collective memory and may not produce the expected pedagogical effects in the prevention of mass crimes, in the promotion of the legitimacy of justice and in the restoration of social cohesion in Rwanda. The project aims to address these concerns through intensive sensitization of Rwandan populations and social actors.
The project works with journalists, youth and survivors’ organizations, CSOs and academia to ensure that ongoing cases relating to Rwanda being tried on the basis of UJ are understood and can be related to a wider audience. The project also associates public institutions working in the field of justice such as the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor General’s Office, but especially institutions in charge of unity and reconciliation in Rwanda.

ii. Universal Jurisdiction Case before Swedish courts
The project is currently considering outreach activities in connection with the case of Theodore Rukeretabaro whom a special court in Stockholm/Sweden sentenced to life imprisonment on 27 June 2018, following his conviction linking with the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994. The appeal trial of Theodore Rukeratabaro, in Stockholm’s Svea Court of Appeal, started on Monday 10 September 2018. The project is making plans for following the development of the case on regular basis and updating the Rwandan populations via the local media and by way of information/outreach sessions with the impacted populations. However, in view of the intermittent schedule of the trial before the court of appeal (two days per month till February 2019), the project has opted for hiring the services of a Stockholm based consultant rather than sending rwandan journalists on mission in Stockholm. It is expected that the consultant will follow the case and share the information with a coordination team of Rwandan, Kigali based journalists who will coordinate the information and ensure its dissemination.

iii. Objectives of the consultancy
The consultancy has the overall objective of ensuring access, by Rwandan media, to information on the trial of the case Rukeratabaro before the Stockholm’s Svea Court of Appeal.
Specific objectives

  • To establish a linkage between the Rwandan media and the stakeholders in the case Théodore Rukeratabaro in Stockholm
  • To collect relevant information, and analysis with high standards of objectivity and quality and share it with the Rwanda based coordination team on a regular basis
  • To bridge the language gap by making summaries from Swedish to English and/or French.

iv. Expected results

  • Rwanda Journalists are provided with updates relevant to the ongoing trial of Rukeratabaro case before the Swedish courts.
  • Summaries of accurate updates are drafted in English and/or French and shared with Rwandan journalist in an expeditious manner.
  • Brief news updates on the case will be provided to RCN Justice & Democracy and the coordination team who, at their discretion, will post them on social media.
  • The consultant responds to the coordination team’s inquiries in an efficient and timely manner.

v. Deliverables

  • A summary of the key points of the trial judgment is delivered to RCN J&D within seven days from the signature of the contract.
  • A minimum of one voice communication with the coordination team and a written summary (text 1-3 pages) at every court session.
  • A minimum of three tweets are proposed to RCN J&D and to the Coordination Team at every court session (RCN Justice & Democracy may also ask for pre and post series of tweets in order to create a mini outreach campaign on social medias).
  • A summary of the key points with audio and video materials of the appeal judgment is delivered within 7 days following the pronouncement.
  • A report of the work done at the end of every month and a final report at the end of the consultancy. Alongside the reports, the consultant will be expected to provide supporting documents (audio, video, still photographs, text etc.) produced and shared with the coordination team. Reports are to be submitted within seven days following the last day of the reporting period.
  • Monthly updates will be accompanied with supporting documents (audio, video, still photographs, text etc.)
  • Recorded interviews of key stakeholders are made at every court session and shared with the coordination team.

vi. Main tasks

  • Calls to the coordination team : For every hearing session : a phone call (whatsapp, skype etc.) is done before the beginning, at break time, at the end the session.
  • A written summary of the hearing session : A summary in English and or French is done at the end of every hearing session.
  • The summaries should necessarily provide information on the issues discussed, parties’ positions, any ruling, any decision, any warning by the court. It should also provide information on any motion, any incidents that may occur. It may also be important to talk about the attendance or absence of public and any reaction.
  • Recording interviews of key stakeholders.
  • Drafting a summary of the key points of the trial judgment (factual and legal aspects)
  • Drafting a summary of the appeal judgment.

vii. Consultant’s profile

  • Training in journalism, media, communication, public relations, law or related fields, with two years of practice.
  • Language skills : fluency in Swedish, English and/or French.
  • Residence in Stockholm.
  • Readiness for the task and availability for the duration of the case.

viii. Financial offer
Daily rate : 450 € all taxes included

Number of days 14 days split at follows :

  • 3 days per month (2 days of court sessions + 1 day for summary) for 3 months (December 2018, January2019, February 2019).
  • 5 days for making a summary of the court of appeal’s final judgment.

Total budget : 6,300 €

ix. How to apply
Interested candidates are invited to send their applications by email to the Human Resources Manager and copy to the Programme Manager for the Great Lakes region Malik Ayari no later than December 23rd 2018. Candidates are encouraged to include in their application a one page methodological note highlighting their level of understanding of the mission covered by these terms of reference. The candidate should also discuss possible challenges related to the mission and proposed solutions.

ToR – Recruitment of Consultant – open to Stockholm Residents Preferably.